Womens Safari ShirtPart of the series on Safari Clothing for Women, this article will take a look at women’s safari blouses and shirts and just because you are in the bush, does not mean that you can’t have style. There are many lovely fitted safari tops especially for women, but there are also a few pointers that you may wish to consider.

Long sleeves can not only help protect you from the harsh African sun, but also from biting insects in the evening and the chill on an early morning game drive. If your safari vehicle does have shade, then a short sleeve shirt or sleevless blouse will be more comfortable during the heat of the day.

Are not always for show, if you carry a camera or binoculars on safari (and you should) a good pocket or two either on your shirt or safari jacket will help especially on walking safaris.

A safari shirt with a collar is a good idea, again this will help protect your neck from the sun

As is the general advice on all your clothing, you should be looking at getting colours that blend in with your environment and in this case it is the African bush, so look for shirts and blouses that are khaki, brown and green colours. To really blend in many people would assume that camouflage coloured material would be best and this may be so, but it is un-advisable as in many African countries it is illegal for civilians to wear camouflage.

Type of Material
This is important, I find that cotton works best as it is the most comfortable in hot conditions. These days there are a number of modern materials that work just as well, but if you plan on any walking safaris try and make sure that what you wear does not make too much noise like a canvas type material as this could give your location away to any wildlife that you are trying to sneak up on.

Buy Where to Buy Women’s Safari Shirts and Tops

Because safari type wear has become fashionable many high street stores now stock suitable tops, you can also buy on-line:

Safari shirt for Women

Promod Crinkle effect cotton Safari shirt

The khaki version of this top makes ideal safari wear, it has a buttoned collar, lapelles on the shoulders.
2 flap pockets and is made from 100% Cotton.

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Promod Belted longline safari shirt

Promod Belted longline shirt

Made from 100% cotton, this light top is perfect for those hot days on Safari. Whilst the shirt may not be ideal for walking safaris as it does not have pockets, it would work well within a safari vehicle or just to wear around the lodge.

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