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Womens Cargo Trousers & Pants

Just remember the ideal safari pants are comfortable to travel as well as walk in, tough, without being too warm to wear in hot conditions. Their...
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Mens Safari Pants and Trousers

There are a few specialised shops that offer specific safari wear that include men’s trousers specifically designed for safaris, but I have often...
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Mens Cargo Pants for Safaris

As I mentioned in an earlier post on Safari trousers, it is often far more expensive to buy trousers specifically designed for safaris from a saf...
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Womens Combat Trousers

Womens Combat trousers and Cargo Pants are very similar and in some cases they refer to the same item of clothing. But in general Combat pants ar...
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Mens Combat Pants for Safaris

After much research, I am still not totally sure what the exact differences between Combat trousers and Cargo Pants are. I think they are less fo...
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