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PRICE: 8.5/10

Steiner 10×26 Wildlife Binoculars Review



These Steiner binoculars are according to Steiner are the ideal binocular for hiking as well as backpacking.

I however feel that they also make ideal general travel and in particular safari binoculars and here is why:

True Pocket Binoculars
These Steiner Wildlife 10×26 Binoculars are small and lightweight and because they have a dual hinge design, they fold up into a very small package and will easily fit into most jacket and most shirt pockets.

Steiner 10x26 Wildlife BinocularsThere are many compact binoculars out there that only have a single hinge down the middle and whilst they may be the same size as these when in use, when you fold them up to carry, they cannot collapse down as much as the duel hinge compacts can.

This is obviously not that important if you don’t plan to carry them in your pocket and simply store them in the case or carry them around your neck. However being able to keep your bins in a pocket does have some major advantages, especially whilst on safari.

For example if you also want to use a camera, it is nice to be able, when not using your binoculars to put them somewhere handy but completely out of the way, where they and their strap wont get get tangled up with that of your camera…like a pocket.

Other Features

The body of these Steiner Wildlife binoculars is made from a Makrolon fiber reinforced polycarbonate that according to the manufacturers is very strong. I did not test them to destruction, so will just have to take their word on that!

The chassis is then covered in a rubber armor that protects the optics and provides a good non slip surface to hold onto.

This armouring also has a couple of other advantages to help keep you hidden and prevent you from frightening away easily spooked birds and other wildlife on your safari: Because the exterior less reflective and is in an earth tone colour it makes them camouflaged and pretty much invisible to most animals you will encounter on your holiday.

The non metallic exterior also makes much less sound when they or something strikes them meaning you have less chance of accidentally giving your position away or frightening the wildlife.

Whilst the focussing wheel is much smaller than that on most full or even mid sized binoculars, it was easy to reach and making adjustments was simple as well as accurate.

I really like the silicone rubber eyecups on these Steiner Wildlife binoculars as not only are they comfortable, the wings on the side do a great job of blocking out stray light from the sides.

For those who wear glasses, these eyecups can be completely folded down, meaning that you can look through the bins with your glasses on and still be able to see the entire field of view without any blurring on the edges.


These 10×26 binoculars have optics that deliberately produce a high contrasting image to help wildlife "jump" out from their surroundings.

This bright and sharp image is consistent right across the entire field of view and I was impressed that it remained sharp right to the edge of the view with only a very small amount of softening.

The Safari Guide Opinion

These are smaller as well as cheaper than the Steiner 10.5×28 Wildlife Pro binoculars and yet only have a slightly smaller magnification. I have also owned and used a pair of these and rate them very highly.

I think the best feature for me was their size, they can easily fit into the top pocket of your shirt, meaning that I could take them on a walking safari and not have to leave my camera behind.

Like all the Wildlife binoculars from Steiner, they have a tough hard rubber armour that not only feels solid and comfortable to hold, but it protects them very well from any day to day knocks that are bound to happen.


Considering their build and optical quality, in my opinion these are probably one of the best value for money compact binoculars out there.


Steiner is a quality German brand and these are quality compact binoculars.


Easily tough enough for outdoor use and perfect for traveling with. They also come with a great protective case will fit easily into your luggage. I have traveled and used my pair often, dropped them a few times and they have never given me any problems.


Compact enough for for fitting into your hand luggage and more importantly for taking with you an that walking safari without having to leave your camera behind!

Main Features

  • Objective lens diameter:26 mm
  • Magnification:10x
  • Weight: 340 g
  • Width: 112 mm
  • Height: 137 mm
  • Depth: 45 mm
  • Exit Pupil: 2.6 mm
  • Luminosity: 7
  • Twilight Factor: 16.1
  • Field of view at 1000m: 95 m
  • Close Focus Range: 2m
  • Water pressure proof: Yes
  • Bag: Yes

Exit Pupil: A great magnification (10x), with an objective lens diameter of 26mm, still gives you an adequate exit pupil size of 2.6, which is fine for all but the very poorest light conditions. (read more on exit pupil

Eye relief: They have 13 mm of eye relief, which is not what you would call long eye relief, but should be enough for most people. Eyeglass wearers who want to (or have to) use their binoculars with their glasses may consider getting binoculars with a longer eye relief. (Read more on eye relief and eyeglasses here)


In my opinion, these make the perfect lower cost compact safari binoculars. They are tough, small and come with a good quality construction and optics that procuce a good quality image that is every good as any other I have used in this class. All this at what I believe to be a great price. Highly Recommended.

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