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Below is my list of items that you should take on Safari holidays in Africa. it is divided into essential items and then equipment and clothing that you need to take on specialist types of safaris. My main advice would be to travel as light as possible, without compromising your safety. There is nothing worse than having to carry around too much luggage on holiday!

Essential Safari Packing List

This equipment and clothing is essential for pretty much any type of safari that you go on in Africa.

Safari ClothingClothing

  • Short & Long Sleeve Shirts/Blouses - Even in summer it is important to take both long and short sleeve shirts as long sleeves can be for warmth, protection from the sun and insects in the evenings.
  • Shorts & Trousers - Long cotton trousers even in summer can protect from the sun & insects in the evenings.
  • Womens Safari Dresses - Can be more comfortable than wearing trousers every day.
  • Safari Hat - wide brimmed work best, but a cap is better than nothing!
  • Safari Jacket - you may go out for a game drive before sunrise when it could be chilly even in summer.
  • Shoes - Be sensible, you will be in the bush, so no high heels! You will need some type of hiking or safari boot if you plan on any walking safaris.

For more details on safari clothing, check out my article for advice on exactly what clothing to to take on safari, including colours materials and styles tht work best on safari.

Essential Safari Equipment

Nice to Have

Not essential, but if you have the space and can affort to take it with you, the following are great:

Walking Safaris Equipment

What to take with you if you are going to go on a walking safari or atleast go on a guided bush walk during your stay at the safari lodge

  • Safari Boots - Either specialised safari boots or hiking boots will do. Walk them in before coming on holiday
  • Compact Binoculars - Easy to carry with on a bush walk
  • Compact Camera - Especially if you also have your binoculars.


I would highly reccomend that you take the items listed below, whilst not completely essential they will make your trip more enjoyable

  • A small day pack which you should be able to carry on your back.
  • A pair of shades
  • Sunscreen
  • African Mammals book - read my guide to African Travel & Wildlife Books
  • Bird book - if you want to know more about the birds around you
  • Money belt - Good idea for keeping your money safe, though a good lodge will have a safe.
  • Braun 1-For-All-Plus Universal Battery ChargerUniversal Battery Charger
    This is a real space saver as the best ones can charge all your equipment (camera, camcorder, mobile phone, mp3 player and more) with one device. For the one that I use and recommend, check out my review of the:

    Braun 1-for-All-Switch (Universal Battery Charger)

    Or take a look at the older version:
    Braun 1-For-All-Plus Universal Battery Charger

Other Accessories

If you are staying at a top end safari lodge, they should provide you with many of the items below, but if you are either going on a self drive safari or to a cheaper lodge they may not have the following items which are recommended and so if you have space I would carry:

  • A flashlight
  • A water bottle
  • Insect Repellent
  • Adaptor Plugs: Many countries in Africa, including Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe ans South Africa are the same as in the UK (3 prong rectangular) but take just incase.

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