Mens Safari ShirtWhat clothes to wear on your holiday can seem trivial to some people, but when you are on a safari holiday wearing the correct clothes is less about fashion and more about comfort as well as blending into your environment helping you to get as close to the wildlife you came to see as possible.

Safari Shirts For Men

What is interesting is men’s safari wear has become fashionable and it is now relatively easy to find the correct looking clothing, but also try and get shirts that are designed for comfort as well as durability so they survive the travelling and whilst your on safari in one of the world’s harshest environments.

A khaki colour is also ideal, helping you to blend in with the bush but any similar neutral colour like greens or browns will do.

No matter what time of year, I would suggest you pack short and long sleeve shirts. Long sleeves can be used for warmth if needed, but you can also wear them to protect from the sun and from biting insects, especially in the evenings. A shirt like the one pictured on the top right is perfect as you can roll up the long sleeves if it get a little hot. It also has plenty of pockets, perfect for storing your compact binoculars or camera.

A collar is also advisable as it will protect your neck from the harsh African sun. The material the shirt is made from is also important, I have found that cotton works best and is most comfortable. There are some made from new man made materials, which work well, just be aware that some make a lot of noise when you move about, this is usually fine on a safari drive, but if you plan on a walking safari, stealth is key!

Buy Where to Buy

Not surprisingly, Amazon have a good selection of Safari clothing that includes some great shirts specifically with men in mind:

Kariban Trophy Safari Shirt for Men

Mens Kariban Trophy Safari Shirt

Buttoned collar, finish patch on the shoulders.
2 flap pockets, 1 of which can be removed for easier personalisation.
100% Cotton Twill. 150 gsm.

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Canyon Safari Shirt - Khaki

Canyon Long Sleeve Shirt – Khaki

The Canyon is a long sleeved mens shirt designed specifically for hiking and backpacking. The Canyon is wrinkle resistant and has a wicking finish that removes moisture from the skin which then quickly dries. The Canyon has a UPF sun protection factor of 30 helping to protect yourself against sun damage.

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For more advice on mens safari shirts and safari clothing in general, take a look at this page on Safari Clothing Advice, that includes Men’s and Women’s Safari Wear