Mens Safari Pants and TrousersThere are a few specialised shops that offer specific safari wear that include men’s trousers specifically designed for safaris, but I have often found them to be on the expensive side. This is just because these shops are so specialised and obviously aimed at tourism, where like weddings, everything seems to be just that little bit more expensive. So in my opinion, it is often better to look for some long pants that make ideal safari trousers rather than ones marketed as “Safari Pants” or “Safari Trousers”.

What Makes the Ideal Safari Trousers?

The main functions of your safari pants are to protect your skin from the sun, biting insects and thorns in the bush. On top of this pockets will help you store books, cameras or binoculars.

As with most of the clothing that you should wear in the bush, you want the colours to blend in with the enviroment, so look for Beige, Brown, Green and Khaki coloured trousers. My advice is to always stay clear of camouflage prints as in some African countries it is illegal to wear it if you are a civilian.

I find that a cotton material works best for me, depending on the thickness used they can be surprisingly cool and still protect your legs not only from the hot African sun, but also from biting insects like mosquitoes especially in the evenings. These days you can also find many trousers made from new man made materials, specifically designed to keep you cool that also work excellently. I would however just make sure that when you walk they don’t make too much of the canvas type rubbing noise which could scare away potential animal sightings especially on walking safaris.

There is always a balance between your trousers not making you too hot when you wear them and being tough enough to survive walking through a thorny bush whilst on a walking safari. Even if you don’t plan on walking through the bush your trousers must be tough enough for travel.

Again depending on the type of safari you are on pockets are either nice to have or almost essential. If you are going to be in a game drive vehicle for most of the time, extra pockets are nice to have. If however you are going to be going on camping and walking safaris, extra pockets to carry things like compact cameras, binoculars, bird books or even pocket knives are really important.

Cargo Pants
Cargo style trousers are ideal as they have all the qualities we are looking for. For more take a look at this article specifically about Mens Cargo Pants for safaris or take a look at what is available to buy on-line below:

Safari Pants for Men

Kariban – Mens Safari Trousers

Available in Beige, Navy and Black – I would definitely go for the beige colour.
Elasticated waist with zip fly and button.
Adjustable clip belt.
Two front pockets.
Two back pockets, one zip, one tear release. Left leg zip pocket.
Right leg multi-pocket, two tear release sections and one zip section.

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Cargo Pants for Men ideal for Safaris

Mens Cargo Trousers for Safaris

The Carhartt Men’s Canvas Cargo Pants on the left are ideal, made from 100% cotton and feature large side cargo pockets but if they are not quite your style, Amazon have a huge range of cargo pants ideal for safaris, take a look at the links below:

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Combat Pants for Men ideal for Safaris

Mens Combat Trousers ideal for Safaris

The Soul Cal Miami Combat Pants on the left are ideal, bringing you cool, casual wear with a hint of luxury. If they are not quite your style, Amazon have a huge range of combat pants ideal for safaris, take a look at the links below:

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For more, take a look at this page on Safari Clothing Advice, that includes Men’s and Women’s Safari Wear