Combat Pants for Men ideal for Safaris

After much research, I am still not totally sure what the exact differences between Combat trousers and Cargo Pants are. I think they are less formal than cargo pants which is surprising considering the military connotations. The term “combat” also implies to me that you are more likely to have a camouflage type material but this is not always the case. I would however recommend that you stay clear of ex-military camouflaged clothing when going on safari as I have heard that it is illegal in some African countries.

Whatever the differences, there are many Combat pants that are ideal to take with you on safari and they usually work out much cheaper than buying specifically designed Safari pants and trousers from specialist safari stores.

For a full explanation read my article on what you should look out for in the perfect pair of safari trousers for men, but in general what you are looking for is a pair of trousers that are comfortable to travel and walk in, tough without being too warm to wear in hot conditions and the colour should help you blend in with your surroundings. Any extra pockets can be really useful for holding things like cameras, binoculars and birding books.

Combat trousers seem to tick all the boxes and so you may wish to take a look at what combat pants are available to buy on-line below:

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Combat Pants for Men ideal for Safaris

Mens Combat Trousers ideal for Safaris

The Soul Cal Miami Combat Pants on the left are ideal, bringing you cool, casual wear with a hint of luxury. If they are not quite your style, Amazon have a huge range of combat pants ideal for safaris, take a look at the links below:

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