As I mentioned in an earlier post on Safari trousers, it is often far more expensive to buy trousers specifically designed for safaris from a safari clothing specialist than it is to just get some that are ideal to take on safari without specifically been designed for that purpose.

In a nutshell, what you are looking for are pants that are comfortable to wear and walk in, tough, without being too warm to wear in hot conditions. Their colour must help you blend in with your surroundings and any extra pockets can be really useful for holding things like birding books, cameras and possibly binoculars.

Cargo Trousers

This style is ideal as most Cargo pants are designed for tough, outdoor activities and have several large pockets, most often with button, snap or Velcro closable flaps. In addition to these front and back pockets, cargo pants will often have side pockets as well. Cargo trousers are most often khaki or beige colored and cotton, but can come in other colors and fabrics as well. It is no wonder that Cargo pants are so named because of their ability to carry so much “cargo” in the pockets. The style became so popular that cargo shorts soon followed and are also ideal for taking on safari.

Buy Where to Buy Cargo Pants

Cargo Pants for Men ideal for Safaris

Mens Cargo Trousers for Safaris

The Carhartt Men’s Canvas Cargo Pants on the left are ideal, made from 100% cotton and feature large side cargo pockets but if they are not quite your style, Amazon have a huge range of cargo pants ideal for safaris, take a look at the links below:

Buy these in the UK

Buy these in the USA

For more, take a look at this page on Safari Clothing Advice, that includes Men’s and Women’s Safari Wear