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Wildlife Volunteer Opportunities in South Africa

From saving the Rhino to habitat conservation, South Africa has it all

Volunteer in Cameroon and Uganda with Gorillas

Volunteer work with chimpanzees and gorillas in Uganda and Cameroon

Wildlife Volunteers in Kenya

Volunteer jobs are also very popular in Kenya

Marine Volunteer & Conservation jobs in Africa

Not all of Africa's wildlife is land based, marine wildlife opportunities available

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Combine charity work with a safari holiday in Africa

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Guide to African wildlife volunteer work 2021 / 2022

If you are looking to volunteer abroad and want to make a genuine difference especially as a wildlife volunteer, Africa offers you a huge range choices in a variety of different countries, each with their own unique cultures, traditions and wildlife.

View All Volunteering Projects in Africa >>

The African continent as a whole is a poor one and as such there are many projects that are not wildlife related, with everything from teaching english, helping orphaned children with Aids to helping communities by digging wells and building schools. This guide however will focus on conservation and wildlife volunteer programs and jobs. Whether you have just a few weeks, a whole summer or even a year or more to give, there is a wildlife volunteer program for you.

Popular African Volunteer Projects

Gorilla Watching SafarisVolunteer with Gorillas & Chimpanzees in Cameroon

Get up close and personal with Africa's great apes when you volunteer in Cameroon on this great apes conservation and community development project to protect endangered gorillas and chimpanzees. Located in the Lebialem Highlands a six-hour drive from the coastal town of Limbe in the Southwest Province of Cameroon. This areas is home to two of the most threatened African great apes: the critically endangered Cross River Gorilla (the rarest of the gorilla sub-species) and the Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzee (the most endangered chimpanzee subspecies in Africa.

More Details & Enquiry Form >> Gorilla & Chimp Projects in Cameroon

Dolphin ResearchDolphin Research in Kenya

Probably the top of the list for anyone looking for marine volunteer and conservation jobs is to be able to study dolphins. As a volunteers you will live and work in the beautiful Shimoni Archipelago, in Kenya off the coast of the Indian Ocean on the border with Tanzania. This is a world class location for not only dolphins but many other forms of marine and land based wildlife.

More Details & Enquiry Form >> Dolphin Research Project in Kenya

Volunteering with Elephants Volunteer work with desert elephants in Namibia

This program is located in Damaradland in the northwestern region of the Namib Desert, where you will be tracking, studying and researching desert elephants in this beautiful remote area of Namibia. As a voluntary worker, you will spend your days out in the desert on tracking the elephants, camping wild and living close to the earth, elephants and people. Much of your work will be assisting the project staff in monitoring the elephants as well as with the local subsistence farmers, helping them in the construction of protective walls around their water points as well as passing on the skills needed in managing the conflict with the elephants.

More Details & Enquiry Form >> Namibian Desert Elephant Project
More about >> Volunteering in Namibia

Volunteering in South Africa South African National Parks Volunteer Programme

This project is ideal if you are looking for long term voluntary work as well as the possibility of gaining some qualifications that could lead to you becoming a fully qualified safari guide (field guide). On this project you will play a part in the long term conservation of South African national parks and lasts for 6 months or one year.

On the course, you will gain high-profile experience in environmental education and conservation, and receive comprehensive training including a two-week placement at the world famous Kruger National Park. Volunteers will work for either six months or year in and around South Africa’s most famous national parks. With membership fees, manuals and exam fees included, you also have the opportunity to gain a Field Guide Association of Southern Africa (FGASA) level one theory qualification that will not only allow you to gain a valuable qualification but also enhance your Knowledge & appreciation about the fauna and flora in the Park that you are working in.

Volunteering in South AfricaYour first two weeks will be spent on a training course at the Kruger National Park, then you will be transferred to the park they have been assigned to. This could be in a wild arid area such as the Kgalagadi Transfrontier park or a coastal area such as Tsitsikamma on the Garden Route, it just depends on each parks permanent staff situation, available accommodation etc, but each park is an area of outstanding natural beauty and extremely important for the future of South Africa.

More Details & Enquiry Form >> South African National Parks Internship Scheme

Read More About >> How to become a Safari Guide

Popular African Volunteer Countries

south africa volunteer programsWildlife Volunteering Programs in South Africa

South Africa is our most popular African wildlife research and conservation program destination. The choice of jobs range from working with all forms of wildlife including elephants, rhino, leopards, monkeys and cheetah's where you will study and help conserve the wildlife of Southern Africa, to a project where you help to propagating rare and endangered plants.

View All >> South African Volunteer Programs

Read More on >> Volunteering in South Africa

Kenyan volunteer programsVolunteering in Kenya

Kenya has a number of really interesting projects with land based animals, marine or there is even a project that covers both where you could join an expedition in Kenya helping with dolphin research programs, terrestrial wildlife projects and teaching projects. Or if you are looking to start a career in conservation take a look at the Kenya Conservation Internship. If you would rather specialise, you could work with Colobus Monkeys in Kenya.

View All >> Kenyan Volunteer Programs

Africa Volunteer Map

Check out available projects in the country of your choice. Countries without flags do not have available projects, but do have safari holidays available:



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How to become a Safari Guide

Study To Become a safari guide in South AfricaIf you are looking for that dream job in the African bush, even if you live overseas it is possible to study and become a qualified safari guide (field guide) in South Africa. Follow the link for more information & for an enquiry form.

Overland Tours in Africa

Overland Tours in AfricaTraveling overland across Africa in a group is a perfect way to make life long friends whist exploring the huge diversity of scenery, wildlife, people and cultures that the many countries of Africa has to offer. African overland tours are aslo one of the most economical ways of exploring this vast continent.

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