Safari Guide Rating "Good"
Safari & Travel: 9.5/10
Wildlife Observation: 8.5/10
Birdwatching: 8/10
Hunting: 8/10
Price: 9.5/10
Build Quality: 7.5/10
Optical Components: 7/10
Optical Performance: 8/10


Similar specifications to the Steiner 10×26 Wildlife Binoculars, but with a cheaper price tag, these great little Safari Pro’s make ideal compact binoculars and are ideal for traveling and for taking on safari if you are on a budget.

According to Steiner: The 10×26 Safari Pro represents for them a compact binocular with a distinctive new design, with excellent comfort and balance, a higher power10x magnification and all without any major increase in size or weight.

They have a robust and water resistant construction with good levels of brightness, as well as blocking out haze and UV light to bring you comfortable and sharp images. Perfect for mountains, the beach, and sporting events.

Main Features

  • Compact, foldable design
  • 10x magnification with 26mm objective lens
  • Field of view: 309 feet at 1,000 yards
  • UV-filtering, glare-reducing optics
  • Tough, durable rubber armour body
  • Roof-prism design
  • Comes with a nylon case and neck strap

The Safari Guide Opinion

Steiner Safari Pro 10x26 BinocularsAs a compact travel binocular, one of the most essential aspects is it’s size and this is where these Steiner Safari Pro 10×26 binoculars really excel, even when you compare them to other compacts.

Like all other Steiner compact binoculars, these feature a duel hinge design which enables them to be folded up into a tiny shape. The advantage of this is they can easily be stored in a small pocket when not in use.

So not only can they be simply packed into your hand luggage for the plane journey, but once you arrive and are using them as a safari binocular (be that in a vehicle or on a walking safari) you can free both your hands when not using them which means tthat you can now also carry and use something like a guide book or camera as well.


Within this price range you are never going to find a manufacturer using the highest spec optical glass and coatings, which is understandable as they can be very expensive to buy and to apply.

However this does not mean that you need to settle for a poor quality quality and I think here is where Steiner have got the balance about right. They don’t go into detail in describing exactly what they use, so I can’t comment much further, but I can say that the image that these produce is for a compact in this class, nice and bright and of a very good quality.

The only coating that they do mention is one that filters out UV light, which protects your eyes.

Steiner Safari Pro 10x26 Binoculars

Magnification & Field of View (FOV)

Whilst most birders tend to opt for a 7 or 8x binocular, sacrificing a little detail for a slightly wider field of view (FOV) because it makes it just a little easier to locate and lock onto small, fast moving, erratic objects like birds.

However on safari where you will be looking at mostly larger and generally slower moving, more predictable wildlife, I generally prefer a slightly higher magnification like 10x, that still comes with a reasonably wife FOV, but also gives you a little more of a detailed image.

Win-win Situation
With a FOV of 103 meters at 1000 meters (309ft @ 1000yds) these Steiner 10×26’s have a nice wide view that beats almost all other 10x compacts in this class and even matches that of many larger bins. So you really are not sacrificing that much in terms of FOV, yet you get to enjoy the higher 10x power.

Steiner Safari Pro 10x26 Binoculars

Outer Construction

The Steiner Safari 10×26 binoculars are protected by a tough and what must be said good looking casing that is not only comfortable to hold, but feel well balanced. Whilst they are not fully waterproof, they are water resistant which should be fine for most uses, so long as you don’t leave them out in the rain.

Rubber Eye-Cups

As with most compact Steiner binoculars, these Safari’s come with soft "winged" rubber eyecups that I really like. The wings on the sides of the cup stop most of the light coming from the sides of your face and really does help improve the view.

Eye relief: Whist they don’t have a twist up mechanism, you still get a decent 11mm of eye-relief with these Steiner Safari 10×26 binoculars.

Exit Pupil: A great magnification (10x), with an objective lens diameter of 26mm, still gives you an adequate exit pupil size of 2.6, which is fine for all but the very poorest light conditions. (read more on exit pupil).

Cost & Where to Buy

Like most Steiner binoculars, they have a very good build quality and perform well optically and so whilst they may not come with all the bells and whistles, the fact that you can now get them for under £120 / $140 makes them fantastic value for money in my opinion:


Excellent value for money travel binoculars that are ideal for taking with you on safari, especially walking safaris.

With a 10x magnification, these are small enough to easily pack into your luggage and carry with you wherever you go. Highly Recommended.