Men’s & Women’s Safari Boots & Shoes

As I mentioned earlier on it is not  always necessary for one to buy specific footwear for your safari if you already have shoes that will perform the task. However, if you feel that you do not have adequate shoes to go on safari or are needing further information to find out if you do have the right shoes look no further:

Before going on safari and buying your footwear for the holiday you need to consider a few things.

Your footwear you choose should be comfortable in hot and cold conditions

Depending on where your going for you safari it is not unusual for the weather to be quite cold in the mornings and by mid-day for it to be really hot. Make sure that the shoes you have or plan to buy can accommodate any swelling of your feet due to the heat. Make sure when you try your shoes on you can move your toes about comfortable. I also recommend a good pair of hiking socks that can absorb excess sweat and keep you feet cool.

Your footwear needs to protect your feet adequately

Lightweight Safari Boots from CourtneyOn most safaris it is not unusual for the guide to stop half way through the drive and offer refreshments and give you a chance to stretch you legs and for some a welcomed pee break. Once off the game viewing vehicle and your stretching your legs you need to remember your in the space of some pretty amazing animals and insects. On these stops the larger animals are not what you need to worry about, your guide would of made sure of that, what you need to be careful of are the little guys, like ants, spiders, scorpions and snakes. Bearing this in mind I always feel a lot better when I am wearing closed shoes or boots. I want to make it clear that these little guys are not out to get you and would prefer not to come face to face with your foot so to speak. However, if they do they will not hesitate to defend themselves if they feel threaten. Having footwear that covers the whole foot and even your ankles will make sure that you have done your best to protect yourself from the very small chance of been bitten. 

Critters are not the only thing you need to be aware of when your on safari, sometime vegetation that you may accidentally brush against can cause discomfort from the little hairs on there leaves. Stepping on thorns or sharp twigs can also cause a lot of discomfort and put a bit of a damper on you holiday. If your are planning to go on a walking safari i would recommend ankle gaiters, this is a brilliant way to also avoid ticks. So whatever you do make sure you protect your feet adequately.

Flexible and non slip

Ok this may seem obvious to most of you but i am going to bring it up anyway. Most of the lodges have concrete floor which a polished every day. These floors can be quite slippy and it is best if your footwear does not have a hard plastic sole. It needs have some grip.

Also when you are getting onto the Game viewing vehicle you may have to climb into it.. Have flexible and plenty of grip on the  soles on you shoes will make it a lot easier and also a lot less embarrassing. 


The shoes or boots that your choose need to be light for a few reasons. One you don’t want to be traveling, especially if your traveling by air to get to your safari with a pair of boots that weigh a tonne and take up half your baggage allowance.  Also as i mentioned earlier there will be a bit of climbing into and out of vehicles and even game walks to go on and your really don’t want you feet weighed down any more than they have to.


Your footwear also needs to be waterproof. As I mentioned earlier your guide will stop at sometime to let you have a little break and if it has been raining the night before it can be a little muddy. It is not unknown for a guest to get off there vehicle and land straight into a small puddle or step accidentally into a puddle whilst looking through your binoculars at that most “amazing bird”.

Going on walking safaris early in the morning is an exhilarating experience however you may  also encounter a lot of dew in the beginning of the walk which in no time at all can  soak through your shoes and soaks and make the rest of the walk quite uncomfortable. There is lots of fancy man made materials that  shoes are made of these days that repel water so your choices should be quite wide. If fancy materials are not for you, good old leather never lets you down and if they are looked after and well maintained will mold to your foot like a glove and will be one of the pair of shoes you will dearly miss when they eventually many years later fall apart.

Top Tip

For all those safari goers who do come from overseas I  recommend  you wear your safari shoes/boots on the flight. That way your luggage will not be as heavy  and bulky. Also it will mean you will have more space to take home mementos and curios from your holiday. 

Buy Shoes for Travel for Safaris

Below what I believe to be ideal shoes for Travel and Safaris:

Hi-Tec Eurotrek Boots for Safaris

Hi-Tec Eurotrek Boots for Men and Women

These boots are waterproof , lightweight, comfortable and durable.

The Dry -ec waterproof breathable membrane developed by the Hi-Tec brand means your feet will be kept dry and not sweaty.

The CMEVA midsole also ensures that your feet will always feel comfortable under any conditions and the rubber sole will provide the traction you will need when on safari.

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