A good pair of binoculars is a must have piece of equipment to take on safari and is in my opinion even more important than your camera.  In this section we will take a look at what makes the best binoculars for safaris and includes my full and in-depth reviews.

I would say that without doubt a good pair of binoculars for your safari is essential. Not only doe they help in spotting game and viewing it from a distance, but no matter how close you get to the wildlife, there is always so much detail you will miss out on without good binoculars.

Self-focusing binoculars, night vision binoculars, German military binoculars, infrared night vision binoculars, Swarovski binoculars, Carl Zeiss, the list goes on and on and then were not even getting into different sizes, prices and magnifications of binoculars! So which do you choose and more importantly which pair is the best suited for a wildlife Safari in Africa?

My guide to the best Binoculars to take on Safari

In this guide I will  point you in the right direction and list binoculars for sale that I recommend to take on safari and why I think they are the best binoculars to take on safari. Most of the bins listed on this page are being sold by on-line retailers like Amazon, who have literally hundreds of binoculars on their site and usually list them at the lowest price available on the market.

Safari vs Wildlife Binoculars

Many binoculars that are specifically designed for wildlife observation make excellent safari binoculars, but not all. So what is the difference?

The word “Safari” is Swahili that means a Journey or Expedition, that stems from the Arabic word “safar” that also means “journey”. So in my eyes a good pair of binoculars for safaris needs to be a good wildlife binocular, pretty good birding binocular, but must also be tough and small enough to travel with.

Size of Binoculars for Safaris

Binoculars designed for terrestrial use are usually divided into three main size categories: Compact Mid and Full size. For more on each category and their respective strengths and weaknesses as well as all the reviews of binoculars that I have written within this size, follow the links below:

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