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Overland Truck Tours Africa (Namibia)

Overlanding by truck in Namibia. Photo Credit: davehighbury

Overland Tour Africa - Namibia

The Namib Dessert - Overland Travel. Photo Credit: stuhaigh

African Overland Trip - Zimbabwe

Welcome to Zimbabwe - Africa overland tours. Photo Credit: stuhaigh

Campsite - Africa Overland Safari

Naivasha (Kenya) Campsite on Overland Tours of Africa. Photo Credit: Yodod

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Guide to Travelling Overland in Africa 2021 / 2022

So you want to visit Africa, but where to go? The African continent is not only massive, but is incredibly diverse with many different and unique cultures, traditions, landscapes and wildlife.

If you want to explore as much of these as diversities as possible, an overland trip may just what you are looking for. On top of this African overland tours are one of the most economical ways of exploring the African continent and for many will be the best way to travel from country to country.

Overlanding can be the trip of a lifetime, filled with exciting wildlife moments, thrilling adventure activities, campfire camaraderie and memorable nights camping out in the African bush.
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Popular Overland Tours in Africa

Below I have put together a list of the most recommended Africa overland tours. I have included a wide variety and budgets with some short week long trips that cover only one or two countries, to year long trans Africa marathons that take right across the continent:

Ultimate Trans Africa Overland TourUltimate Trans Africa Overland Tour

Taking 301 days and covering 24 countries, the Ultimate Trans Africa Overland Tour offers you an amazing chance to explore a huge part of Africa. This overland tour goes down the entire west coast of Africa and then back up thru eastern Africa and into the Middle East, ending in Istanbul.

More Details & Enquiry Form >> Ultimate Trans Africa Tour

Overland Europe to CapetownOverland Europe to Capetown

This Trans Africa Overland Safari takes you overland off the beaten track all the way from Europe to Capetown in South Africa through West Africa.. Spanning 22 wks from Spain, you will visit Mauritania, Mali, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon, DR Congo Zaire, Angola, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Egypt and South Africa.

More Details & Enquiry Form >> Overland Europe to Capetown

Overland Nairobi to Cape TownOverland Safari: Nairobi to Cape Town

This 56-day, 10 country Overland camping safari covers East & Southern Africa, taking you from Nairobi in Kenya to Cape Town in South Africa. This safari tour takes you to some of Africa best National parks including Chobe (Botswana), Etosha (Namibia), Lake Nakuru (Kenya), Namib Naukluft (Namibia), Okavango Delta (Botswana), Serengeti (Tanzania), and Victoria Falls Zambezi (Zimbabwe). You also get a bonus 3 day Masai Mara safari before the trip begins when you book this overland adventure.

More Details & Enquiry Form >> Overland Safari Nairobi to Capetown

Overland Cape Town to NairobiOverland Photo & Comfort: Cape Town to Nairobi

This Photographic & Comfort Overland Tour takes 43 days crossing 9 countries from Cape Town to Nairobi. This small group (max 16) expedition with extra comfort & innovative facilities allows you to experience and enjoy the wonders & culture of Africa from the Cape of Africa to the plains of the Masai in Kenya. The tour includes photographic workshops and tutorials for those who have an interest in producing more memorable images than just "happy snaps" whilst on tour.

More Details & Enquiry Form >> Overland Photo & Comfort Tour

Overland Kenya & Tanzania AdventureOverland Kenya & Tanzania Adventure

13 day overland tour covering 2 of the best countries in Africa to see wildlife and relax on the beach: Kenya and Tanzania. On this trip you will go game viewing in the beautiful Masai Mara National Reserve, have Big Five encounters in the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater as well has have time to relax on the beaches of Zanzibar.

More Details & Enquiry Form >> Overland Kenya & Tanzania Adventure

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Africa Overland Trip Map

Check out available overland Africa trips that start in the country of your choice:


Note: Countries without flags do not have available overland tours that start in that country, but do have safari holidays available there and overland tours that pass through the country.

More About Africa Overlanding Tours

Traveling overland across Africa as part of a group is a perfect way to meet new people and make life long friends, but it is not for everyone, so below I have listed some considerations as well as a few of the pros and cons that will hopefully help you decide if it is right for you.

Who is Overlanding for?

Overlanders come from all over the world and from all walks of life - the age range of the majority of passengers is from early 20's and 30's. Although most companies do not operate an age restriction, you need to be in good health, reasonably fit, adventurous and of open-minded spirit and attitude. Overland trips are generally not suitable for children and most overland tour operators do not take children on their trips.

Going with a group on an organised tour takes a lot of the problems of cross border travel in Africa leaving you more time to enjoy your adventure.

How Big are the Groups?

The amount of people on any overland tour does vary from company to company and usually depends on the route and type of vehicle. But in general numbers range from 7 to 22 on the larger long haul trips using large trucks.

Is Overlanding in Africa Safe?

Whilst nothing in life can be gauranteed, travelling overland on an organised tour is considered to be the safest way of seeing the African continent and is usually much safer than going alone.

Because Africa is so unpredictable and things change daily, the overland companies are regularly updated on political situations and run their trips in accordance with the guidelines suggested by the relevant authorities of the countries visited. In the event of a political upheaval or other event that could compromise safety of passengers - planned routes would be changed.

What Vehicles are used for Overlanding Tours?

Most of the best operators use custom built robust vehicles (often trucks) specially designed for travel through more remote areas. The type of vehicle used and lay out varies from company to company and itinerary to itinerary.

The larger vehicles provide a locker for your gear which is accessible from inside the truck as well as a communal safe for your valuables and a medical kit for emergency use. Interior lighting and Exterior lighting.

Types of Accommodation

On most African overland trips you will be camping most of the time with established campsites used most of the time. Facilities can range from basic to luxury with good amenities. Sometimes free camping in a bush camp is carried out when there is no permanent campsite nearby. A bush camp is something special to remember as you are truly out in the bush. Most operators equip you with 2 or 3 man tents with flysheets and mosquito netting, but you will need to take your own sleeping bag.

What is included in the price?

With the majority of the tours, the transport in a fully equipped expedition vehicle, road taxes and tolls, ferries, services of the driver-leader, use of camping and cooking equipment, campsite fees, entrance to gameparks as specified and meals as specified are included in the advertise price.

What meals are provided?

It is important to check with the operator before booking as to which meals are included in the price as this does vary. Some overland companies will provide breakfast, lunch and dinner whilst others may provide only breakfast and dinner.

On some overland trips there will be a cook with the passengers taking turns to help out. Whilst on others the group will organise all the cooking and shopping between themselves usually on a rota system. Bulk food stuffs are purchased prior to departure and topped up along the way, fresh foods are purchased from many markets and road stalls along the way.

What's not included?

In general the price of the tour does not include your flights to the start country, visas, personal insurance, side trips, meals out, items of a personal nature. Most operators are however able to advise and provide help with booking of your flights.

What to Take on Safari

This page is part of a series of posts on what to take on safari, for further reading try:

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