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Volunteer work in Gambia, West Africa

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If you have ever wanted to make a real difference, yet you also want to combine helping out people who are less fortunate than yourself with real adventure travel in Africa, then maybe taking a "gap year" to do some volunteer charity work in The Gambia, West Africa is for you?

Volunteer Work and Adventure Travel

You could work with a UK registered Charity (WYCE) and help make a difference to a whole village community by combining your voluntary work in the areas of Health Community and Education with overland travel expeditions in The Gambia no matter what your skills are.

Tilly's Tours is a British owned business, licensed and registered with the Gambian Tourist Authority who work closely with the local people in The Gambia to promote responsible tourism as well as helping local people through employment opportunities. They offer Volunteer work placements in The Gambia that last from two weeks up to six months and even up to two years in some cases.

The Volunteer Work

No matter what your skills are there is a place for you to help with volunteer work in the Gambia. There are volunteer projects that include making bricks for buildings, painting, nursing, teaching, working in a nursery to adult education. All the volunteer projects fall under three broad categories that are Health, Community and Education. Depending on your length of stay, your skills and your preferences or interests, you will work in one of these areas or a mixture of them.

Volunteer Work Costs

So how much does it cost to volunteer in Africa?

  • 2 weeks - 1 week on placement and one week adventure travel: £650
  • 4 weeks - 3 weeks on placement and one weeks adventure travel: £900
  • 6 weeks - 5 weeks on placement and one weeks adventure travel: £1100
  • 8 weeks - 7 weeks on placement and one weeks adventure travel: £1350
  • 3 months - 11 weeks on placement and one weeks adventure travel: £1600


Included in the price is you Airport transfers from and to Banjul International Airport in the Gambia, your accommodation throughout your stay in the Gambia, as well as three meals per day while you are on your volunteer work placement, personalised itinerary of work, all work materials will be provided and there is on site support from one of the founders of the charity, your visa's for people who are staying longer than 28 days, on site training and guidance throughout, and a fully escorted 7 night adventure from a choice of three. You will also have the services of an English speaking guide throughout your stay in the Gambia. Most of your meals are included in the price during your adventure travel.

The only things that are not included in the price are your travel insurance, inoculations, your visa to enter the Gambia if you are a non EU citizen, your drinks and your flights to and from The Gambia.

Contact Tilly's Tours for more details:
Senegambia Strip, Kololi
The Gambia , West Africa
Tel: (00220) 9800215
(00220) 7707356
Email: admin {at}

Volunteering With Wildlife in AfricaAlternatives: Volunteering With Wildlife in Africa

I have not been able to find wildlife specific volunteer projects in The Gambia, but of course there are many throughout the rest of Africa. These include projects like volunteering with Gorillas and Chipanzees in Cameroon, with elepahnts in Namibia, Big cats in South Africa as well as programs in Kenya, Tanzania, Swaziland and more.

So if you would rather work with wildlife in Africa, take a look at my guide: Volunteering Wildlife Work in Africa

Books on Volunteer Work Abroad

For more information, Amazon have a good selection of books available on volunteering:

British FlagBooks available in the UK:

American FlagBooks available in the USA:
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