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Chimp Rehab Project

Africa’s longest running chimp rehabilitation centre located in the River Gambia National Park.

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From the UK and the rest of Europe, The Gambia in North West Africa has to be one of the most accessible African countries to visit, what's more it is stable, the people are kind and peaceful and the flights to Gambia are cheap and when you get there it is really affordable. The Gambia has been and continues to be very popular for those looking for a winter sun holiday destination as it has an incredible tropical climate, picture perfect beaches and beach resorts and a friendly laid back atmosphere. Here is our guide to the top things not miss on your holiday for the complete Gambia Experience.

What not to miss on a Gambia Holiday

Abuko Nature Reserve

Abuko Nature reserve, contains some of the Gambia's most spectacular wildlife, and is an excellent place for spotting birds, monkeys (all of Gambia's species are here, the Vervet Monkey, Patas and the Red Colobus), reptiles, including crocodiles and possibly a bushbuck. The whole reserve is easy to explore on foot, allowing you to get closer to nature. The other great thing about Abuko Nature reserve is that it is only a short distance from the beach resorts, making it easily a day trip if you are staying on the coast.

Beach and safari holidays

The Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Project in Gambia.

Stay in one of the guest lodges ant the Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Project and have a chance of a personal tour from the founder Stella Marsden. With about 77 Chimps, it It is the longest running and one of the most successful chimp rehabilitation center in Africa. The Chimpanzee Visitor Camp called Badi Mayo is located about 270km up the River Gambia in the Gambia River National Park, so not a day trip but definitely worth the effort, as besides the Chimps, you can expect to see baboons, western red colobus and vervet (callithrix) monkeys, hippos and a huge variety of bird life. The Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Proect >>

Trip up the River Gambia

One of the best ways to take in the inland sights and smells of the Gambia, is to tale a long distance river trip up the river Gambia. If you are planning on visiting the Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Project, there is no better way of reaching it than by boat. Along the way you'll pass though some incredible riverine wilderness spotting loads of birds and hippos.
More details on The Gambia River Boat Safari >>

Jinack Island & Niumi National Park

Jinack Island is an unspoilt beach retreat that is a haven for wildlife, it is cut off from the Gambian mainland by a creek and borders onto Niumi National Park, a protected area which is as yet relatively un-explored. The park has a wide range of habitats, including woodland savannah, grassland, saltwater wetlands and together with the bordering Parc National du Delta du Saloum in Senegal have one of the last remaining untouched stands of mangroves in West Africa. Wildlife includes an abundance of birds, West African manatee, bottle-nose and Atlantic humpbacked dolphins (December & January), the endangered clawless otter, green turtles, snakes, monitor lizards, bushbuck, spotted hyena and even leopard.

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