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Braun 1-for-All-Switch (Universal Battery Charger)

Every year I go on safari, I seem to take more and more electrical equipment: there is my camera, camcorder, laptop and mobile phone. On top of this, my wife has her camera, phone, Kindle and her MP3 player. All of which need to have their batteries charged during the holiday.

If I was to take each of their chargers along, combined they would almost need a carry bag for themselves, which for travel is far from ideal. The answer is to use one universal battery charger that can charge all of these devices and more.

For the past few years I have been using the Braun 1-For-All-Plus Universal Battery Charger, which I really love and highly recommend to anyone looking to cut down on their number of chargers.

This year I have been given Braun’s newer model to test, the Braun 1-for-All-Switch (model no. 59407) and below is my review:

Braun 1-for-All-Switch Review

Like the previous model, this universal charger will charge virtually all rechargeable lithium-ion and NiMH/NiCd batteries used in camcorders, digital cameras, MP£/MP4 players and mobile phones, including size AA and AAA batteries. What is new on this model is a nifty USB port that enables you to charge many devices, including things like an Amazon Kindle and MP3 Players via a USB cable without having to remove the battery from the device.

What I really like is that you don’t need to worry about what voltage is required for different batteries as within the Braun charger there is a micro-processor that automatically detects the voltage required and adjusts the charge for lithium-ion batteries (3.6-3.7V/7.2-7.4V) and all NiMH/NiCd batteries. On top of this the Braun 1-for-All-Switch has a reverse polarity, overload, short circuit and overheating protection as well as defective battery recognition.

Charging Lithium-ion batteries: Like the older version this charger this Braun 1-for-All-Switch has a spring loaded sliding top that holds different sized Lithium-ion batteries batteries firmly in place. Then under this sliding top, there are two contact plates that can be easily be adjusted from on-top or under the charger via two sliders to line up with the – and + contacts of your battery.

To test it, I used it with a few different camera and mobile phone batteries and the charger was easily able to accommodate and charge them all.

Charging AA and AAA batteries: The Braun 1-for-All-Switch can charge two rechargeable AA or AAA batteries at one go. The batteries fit into two slots one either side of the charger and are once again held firmly in place by the spring loaded slider. I personally would have preferred it if the charger could accommodate four batteries at one time, but I guess then the device would have to be quite a bit larger.

I have been using the 1-for-All-Switch to charge my Ni-MH AA batteries that I use for my camera for a few months now and as you would expect it charges them with no problems at all.

Charging via the USB port: A new feature on the latest Braun Universal charger is the USB 2.0 port that enables you to charge many electronic devices via a
USB cable without having to remove the battery from the device. This worked really well for me as I use the USB port on the Braun Charger to charge my wife’s Amazon Kindle with it as well as her MP3 player which has a USB connection and fits directly into the charger (see photo below).

What is also pretty cool is you can use the USB port to charge a device as well as simultaneously charging a Lithium-ion battery or two AA, AAA batteries.

LCD display
At one end of the Braun Universal Battery Charger there is a LCD display that displays the status of the batter being charges and how much more charging is needed until it is fully charged. Unlike the older version that also gave you a percentage figure, this just has an icon which is less accurate but still gives you a good idea of how long there is to go.

12V car cigarette lighter
As well as the standard 1200mA switching power adapter, you can also use the included 12V car cigarette lighter to power the charger. This for me is excellent as I often travel long distance whilst on safari, or am located in areas where there is no electricity and so can if need be charge all my devices in the car. While traveling you’ll sometimes need a plug adapter as India power outlet and sockets are of type C, D and M.


Like the previous model, the Braun 1-for-All-Switch Universal Batter Charger really is a superb product and for my money is the ideal solution when travelling especially for safaris as you only need to bring the one charger with you for all your devices. I highly recommend it and not only will it be travelling everywhere with me, but when at home I keep it handy as it saves me having to search for a particular charger.


The Universal charger BRAUN 1-For-All-SWITCH is able to charge virtually all old, present & future lithium-ion batteries 3.6-3.7 V/7.2-7.4 V, Round batteries 3.0 V/3.6 V (CR123, 18650, LIR123A), NiMH/NiCD batteries AA/AAA 1.2 V, Prismatic batteries and NiMH/NiCd blocks 9 V used in camcorders, digital cameras, MP3/MP4 players and mobile phones.

  • Input: 100 – 240 V/12V DC 800mA
  • Li-ion charge output rating: 3.6-3.7V, 900mA max. 7.2-7.4V, 900mA max.
  • NiMh/NiCd output rating: 2*1.4V, 800mA max. 9V, 100mA max.
  • USB output rating: 5.3V, 600mA max.
  • Dimension: 117(L)*67(W)*30(H)mm
  • Weight: 80g

Cost and Where to Buy

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