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Braun 1-For-All-Plus Universal Battery Charger

Update: Braun have brought out a newer version of their universal battery charger, which I have also fully reviewed here: Braun 1-for-All-Switch (Universal Battery Charger)

Whilst I know it may seem a little strange me writing about a battery charger on the Safari Guide, but I have recently been on the look out for a good one to take with me on my next trip to the bush. Why? Well like many people going on a safari holiday these days, I take quite a lot of electrical equipment with me (Cameras, Video Camera, Phone and my Mp3 player). On their own they take up quite a bit of space, but when you include all the different chargers and cables, it can become a nightmare. Surely there must be a one charger that can be used for them all? Well there is and the one that I have been trying out is the Braun 1-For-All-Plus Universal Battery Charger, which for me ticks all the boxes:

This incredible device from Braun Germany will charge almost any digital camera battery, camcorder, mobile phone and mp3 player battery as long as the charge contacts are exposed. This charger will also recharge 2 AA or 2 AAA size NiMH batteries.

To do this, the charger has two movable terminals which you simply align with the charge terminals of your battery and then charging begins. The charger will check the voltage of your battery and automatically give the correct charge. Charging status is diplayed clearly on a backlit LCD which shows you the progress of the charge.

Travel Friendly
The charger also adjusts electronically to voltage between 100V – 240V, meaning that you don’t have to worry if the country you are visiting uses a different voltage than that back home.

It also comes with a car cigarette lighter adapter which for me is brilliant. There are certain place that I visit in Africa on safari that don’t have mains electricity. This used to be a major problem and is why in the past I have had to buy multiple spare batteries for my camera. Now I can charge them whilst on the move, or even whilst I’m on a game drive! Brilliant.

For more take a look at the video I put together of me demonstrating how to use it with my camera battery, my cell phone battery and a couple of rechargeable AA batteries:

Price and Where to Buy

At around £30 I feel that it is incredible value for money. I as yet have not been able to find it in the US, but there are similar ones available:

Buy this shirt in the UK Braun Universal Charger on

Buy this shirt in the USA Universal Battery Chargers on

Main Features

  • When you insert a battery, the available capacity left is shown on the display.
  • The Micro-processor measures the voltage of the lithium battery to be recharged and has automatic adjustment to 3.6V / 3.7 V or 7.2V / 7.4V.
  • You won’t over charge as there is an automatic cut-off
  • The charge current is 1,2 – 1,4A.
  • It is possible to charge 2 NiMH AA Mignon or AAA Micro size batteries in two separate charging slots. Charge current for 1 AA batteries = 1200mAh and for 2 AA batteries = 1000mAh.
  • The moveable contacts of the charger can be easily adjusted to the contacts of the battery to be recharged by using the supplied pin to be found at the side of the charger.
  • The charger automatically detects and adjusts the polarity as well as the voltage for the contacts of the lithium batteries.
  • The LCD displays the charging status in steps of 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%.
  • Defective batteries will be recognized and the word „ERROR“ appears on the display.

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