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Universal Window Clamp/Mount for Cameras, Binoculars & Scopes

Phew, ok so that is probably one of the longest titles that I have ever come up with for an article, but it does just go to say how versatile and useful this piece of kit can be.

To be honest the word “window” is also somewhat restricting as it could easily be used in a hide, on a balcony at the safari lodge or even attach it, as I have often done to a branch whilst on a walk. So perhaps I should have used Hide, Balcony, Branch, Window Mount/Clamp for Cameras, Binoculars & Scopes, but that would just be being silly!

Ideal Safari Companion
When going on Safari or any other type of travel, the amount and size of equipment that you can travel with is always a factor. Yes, you can get some really excellent tripods for travel that are both very light and fold away making them very compact and that’s still the best option in situations where you can use one. But what if you’re on a game drive in a safari vehicle with other people? It’s very difficult, and inconvenient to your fellow passengers, setting up a tripod in such circumstances.

This is where a window clamp is ideal for any photographer who is either going on a self drive safari or indeed on a regular safari as there are many spots on a safari vehicle that you could attach the mount to.

A good tip if you are serious about your wildlife photography and you want to get the best possible photographs whilst on safari using a steady base like a window clamp is to ask your safari guide if you can sit in the front passenger seat where you can mount it to the door. This is something I would often suggest this to my guests and I am sure most lodges would be more than happy to oblige.

Of course you can also attach your spotting scope or even a pair of binoculars using a binocular tripod adapter to the mount. Or for those that have more than one piece of equipment and are not worried about space when travelling, you can attach the mount to a tripod, meaning that you can then attach a spotting scope or a pair of binoculars and your camera to the same tripod – see image on the right.

Which Window Mount?

There are many on the market, and I cannot speak for them all, but I have used and tested a few made by Vanguard and have always found them to be reasonably priced, well built, stable and secure. Take a look at my full review of the Vanguard PH-242 Pan Head Clamp/Mount.

Window Clamps For Sale On-Line

Vanguard PH-242 Window Clamp

Amazon have a wide range of window clamps available including many of the Vanguard range:

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A very popular alternative and one that has many advantages is to use a bean bag although for video it is far from ideal. Another idea are the popular gorillapods by Joby, which are excellent for light compact cameras, but are far less suitable for SLR cameras especially if you have a telephoto lens attached.

Another alternative and one that is very similar to a window mount and is well worth considering is to use a Hide Clamp/Mount.

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