Beat About The Bush

Below are the books in the excellent series of Beat About the Bush books by Trevor Carnaby that sit in between identification and academic texts, by answering the general everyday questions that safari guides (field guides) often get asked out in the bush.

They are perfect for anyone who wants to take their wildlife viewing just that one step further than just identification as within these books you will find the answers to questions like ‘What is the fastest bird?’, ‘How does the trunk of an african elephant work?’, ‘Why do some bird sit on animals?’ and ‘Why do Cattle egrets follow large mammals like elephants?’

Book Review

For more, read my book review on the Beat About The Bush Birds Book.

Beat About The Bush: Birds Beat About The Bush: Mammals Beat About The Bush
Beat About The Bush: Birds Beat About The Bush: Mammals Beat About The Bush
Highly Recommended
The Beat about the Bush Birds Book delves into the fascinating lives of birds – discussing in detail their myriad forms, survival strategies, breeding and feeding behaviours, movements, migrations and vocalisations. The result is a comprehensive reference work in a style that appeals to novices, birders, twitchers, tourists, bush enthusiast and field guides alike
Highly Recommended
Sitting between basic mammal guides and extensive academic texts, this resource answers everyday questions about mammals in the African bush in an understandable fashion that will appeal to safari tourists, bush enthusiasts, and professional safari guides. With verything from how an elephant’s trunk works to why the blue whale is not a fish, it is a must-have for anyone wanting to know about the mammals of Africa.
More comprehensive than a field guide yet more accessible than an academic text, this authoritative reference answers fundamental questions about mammals and birds in the African bush such as How does an elephant’s trunk work? Is the cheetah really the fastest animal? and Why do some bird species sit on animals? Photographs, charts, and tables accompany the question-and-answer format, making this all-in-one guide user-friendly for both wildlife enthusiasts and professionals.
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