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Hiking Mulanje Mountain in Malawi

6 days Hiking Hiking Adventure in Malawi

African Overland Trip - Zimbabwe

Welcome to Zimbabwe - Africa overland tours. Photo Credit: stuhaigh

Horseback Safari in Tanzania

11 day Horseback Safari & Mt.Kilimanjaro Climb. Photo Credit: Ashlie Dove

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Adventure Tours, Safaris & Holidays in Africa 2021 / 2022

Africa is the second largest continent, covering 20% of the earths total land area. This land mass stretches from the Northern temperate zone to the Southern temperate zone giving Africa a dramatic range of climates from arid desert to humid rainforest with everything in between.

From the peaks of Tanzania's extinct volcanoes to the salt flats of the Namibian desserts, from the undulating Great Rift Valley to the gorges of the Nile Valley, Africa's natural geography is incredibly diverse.

This diversity offers you the traveller a huge amount of choice, so in this section I take a look at some of my favourite and more adventurous tours, trips and safari holidays that are available, from horseback safaris, canoe safaris as well as hiking and mountain climbing:
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Off the Beaten Track Adventure Trips

These holidays are for those who want to try something a little different, take a look below at some of my favourite adventure safaris, trips and holidays that most people would never even have heard of, never mind been on:

Canoe-Trip and Trekking in the Tsingy of Bemaraha14 days Canoe-Trip & Trekking in Madagascar

Canoe-Trip and Trekking in the Tsingy of Bemaraha - This Adventure Holiday can be customised, but essentially the canoe-trip on the River of Tsiribihina begins in Miandrivazo, village situated in the dry region of Madagascar and you will go trekking in the Grand Tsingy, both of which will allow you to discover the most amazing landscapes.

More Details & Enquiry Form >> Canoe-Trip and Trekking in the Tsingy of Bemaraha

6 days Hiking Mulanje Mountain in Malawi6 days Hiking Mulanje Mountain in Malawi

Mulanje Mountain Hiking in Malawi - This unique hiking trip takes you on South Central Africa's highest mountain, Mount Mulanje, offering superb views and experiences for novices and experienced climbers alike

More Details & Enquiry Form >> Mulanje Mountain Hiking - Malawi

Horseback Safari & Mt.Kilimanjaro Climb - Tanzania11 days, Horseback Safari & Mnt. Kili Climb in Tanzania

Horseback Safari & Mt.Kilimanjaro Climb in Tanzania - Experience the real African Bush and get close contact with wildlife while on horseback, then climb Mt. Kilimanjaro via Machame route "most popular and one of the most scenic route on the mountain"

More Details & Enquiry Form >> Horseback Safari & Mt.Kilimanjaro Climb - Tanzania

3 days, Honey Hunting with the Hadzabe men in Tanzania3 days, Honey Hunting with the Hadzabe men in Tanzania

Honey gathering with the Hadzabe men - A fantastic opportunity to learn about the culture of the Hadzabe - gather honey with the Hadzabe men, also learn how to make jewelry, arrows and tools.

More Details & Enquiry Form >> Honey gathering with the Hadzabe men - Tanzania

Climb Kilimanjaro via the Shira Route6 days, Climbing Kilimanjaro Shira Route in Tanzania

Climb Kilimanjaro via the Shira Route:

DAY 1 - Shira Gate to Shira Camp - The drive from Moshi to the trailhead takes about 3 hours. You walk through the rain forest on a winding trail up a ridge. Lower down, the trail can be muddy and slippery. Gaiters and trekking poles are a good idea here. You continue a short distance until You reach the Shira Camp.

DAY 2 - Shira Camp to Lava Tower to Barranco Camp - From the Shira Plateau, You continue to the east up a ridge, passing the junction towards the peak of Kibo. As you continue, your direction changes to the South East towards the Lava Tower, called the "Shark's Tooth." Shortly after the tower, You come to the second junction which brings us up to the Arrow Glacier at an altitude of 4,876 meters. You now continue down to the Barranco Hut at an altitude of 3,860 meters. Here we rest, enjoy dinner, and overnight. Although you end the day at the same elevation as when you started, this day is very important for acclimatization and will help your body prepare for summit day.

DAY 3 - Barranco Camp to Karanga Camp - After breakfast, you leave Barranco and continue on a steep ridge passing the Barranco Wall, to the Karanga Valley campsite.

DAY 4 - Karanga Camp to Barafu Camp - After breakfast, we leave Karanga Camp and continue through the Karanga Valley and the junction which connects with the Mweka Trail. You continue up to the Barafu Hut. You have completed the South Circuit, which offers views of the summit from many different angles. Here you make camp, rest, enjoy dinner, and prepare for the summit day. The two peaks of Mawenzi and Kibo are to be seen from this position.

DAY 5 - Barafu Camp to Summit to Mweka Hut - Very early in the morning (midnight to 2am), you continue your way to the summit between the Rebmann and Ratzel glaciers. You head in a northwesterly direction and ascend through heavy scree towards Stella Point on the crater rim. This is the most mentally and physically challenging portion of the trek. At Stella Point (5685m), you will stop for a short rest and will be rewarded with the most magnificent sunrise you are ever likely to see (weather permitting).From Stella Point, you may encounter snow all they way on your 1-hour ascent to the summit. At Uhuru Peak, you have reached the highest point on Mount Kilimanjaro and the continent of Africa. Faster hikers will see the sunrise from the summit. It can be very cold at night at these elevations, but it will be quite warm by the end of the hiking day. You will want clothing for both extremes with you. From the summit, you now make your descent continuing straight down to the Mweka Hut camp site, stopping at Barafu for lunch. You will want gaiters and trekking poles for the loose gravel going down. Mweka Camp is situated in the upper forest and mist or rain can be expected in the late afternoon. Later in the evening, you enjoy your last dinner on the mountain and a well-earned sleep.

DAY 6 - Mweka Camp to Arusha - After breakfast, you continue the descent down to the Mweka Park Gate to receive your summit certificates. At lower elevations, it can be wet and muddy. Gaiters and trekking poles will help. Shorts and t-shirts will probably be plenty to wear (keep rain gear and warmer clothing handy). From the gate, continue another hour to Mweka Village. A vehicle will meet you at Mweka village to drive you back to hotel in Arusha. Don't forget to tip your guides and porters It is time for celebration!

More Details & Enquiry Form >> Great Heights - Kili Climb - Shira Route

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What to Take on Safari

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Overland Tours in Africa

Overland Tours in AfricaTraveling overland across Africa in a group is a perfect way to make life long friends whist exploring the huge diversity of scenery, wildlife, people and cultures that the many countries of Africa has to offer. African overland tours are aslo one of the most economical ways of exploring this vast continent.

How to become a Safari Guide

Study To Become a safari guide in South AfricaIf you are looking for that dream job in the African bush, even if you live overseas it is possible to study and become a qualified safari guide (field guide) in South Africa. Follow the link for more information & for an enquiry form.

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Wildlife Volunteer Work in AfricaIf you would like to make a real difference and give something back on your visit to Africa, take a look at the Safari Guide to volunteering wildlife work in Africa, where we take a look at the huge range choices, programs and courses available, from working on the land with endangered animals like cheetah, gorillas and black rhinos, to marine volunteer work in a variety of different countries that each offer their own unique cultures, traditions as well as wildlife.

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Adventure Trips

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